Graph Database in Practice 2023

Graph Database

As a backend of AI systems, database management systems (DBMS) are dramatically evolving. Among various DBMS, graph databases are one of the emerging technology gathering attention in various industries. Its capabilities to manage relationships of entities and to execute graph algorithms have the potential to increase the information coverage of AI input. However, its practical utilization is just started and still being explored. 

Graph Database

What is GDBP

Graph Database in Practice (GDBP) aims to facilitate knowledge sharing on the actual use cases and methods to utilize graph databases in real-world applications and discussions on the future development of tools and their eco-systems to accelerate the use of graph databases. For potential users, this is the best opportunity to learn about the technology and its use cases. Also, for researchers and developers, this is a unique opportunity to share your ideas and actual problems in industry and engage in international collaborative projects.

Date & Location

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Otemachi, Tokyo


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